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•• kokamino icons.
kokamino icons: an icon journal that displays the icon making talents of xxmusic_rock and xxagelessbeauty.

screencaps are also posted for non-members. caps currently available are: burn notice, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, new amsterdam, one tree hill, private practice and 90210.
•• guidelines.
if you take anything, comment and credit this community or the maker of the icon. if you are not sure how to credit us, click here.
do not modify the icons in any way, even if they are textless, and claim them as your own.
do not redistribute.
please do not use on xanga.
please do not hotlink. bitches will be cut if icons are hotlinked. if you do not know the meaning, i suggest you google it.
•• partners.
if you have not updated your icon journal/community for at least two months, then you will be removed from this list. it's only fair to have active communities affliated with us.

boygirl_icons thisplacehotel wantmisslove

to become an affliate, please comment on this entry.
•• re.sources.
misc. textures: petit_pixel
•• where it's due.
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•• samples.